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Top 5 Reasons Why Most Taphouses Don’t Offer Happy Hour Everyday

So, you’ve had a long day at work, and after the 9-5 weekday grind all you want is to find a solid happy hour special around town, right? Unfortunately, most taphouses don’t offer happy hour specials every day of the week, and here’s why:

1. Traffic Varies:

A taphouse or restaurant owner’s main goal in strategically implementing happy hour specials is to bring individuals into their establishment during some of the lowest traffic times. This creates a high value or returns on investment perception for the guest and, if they have a positive experience, will encourage them to become a repeat customer. Some days and times are busier than others, so specials tend to be focused on these traditionally slower times.

2. High-Volume Traffic Doesn’t Last Forever:

Happy hours drive a crazy amount of traffic, but not for long. Guests will flood into a taphouse for a great deal and drink like a fish, however, as soon as the happy hour specials end, it’s a ghost town. This means guests are drinking at a discounted rate, but not sticking around to spend money on other items like food and regular priced specialty beers, ciders or wines. Though it’s beneficial for the customer, the “success” of these deals can often hurt the revenue flow for an establishment.

3. Perfect Recipe for a Disaster:

The timing of happy hour is often bad timing, especially during the work week. Those who come straight into a taphouse after getting off of work likely haven’t eaten since lunchtime (4-5 hours prior) and tend to drink on an empty stomach. This can lead to drunkenness and sloppy behavior which can give a nice establishment a bad rap.

4. Identity Crisis:

Happy hours can sabotage the image of a taphouse by making it seem more like a bar. People most likely go to bars with the sole intention to drink. Tap houses tend to serve specialty drinks, are not open until the wee hours of the morning, and want to appeal to a more distinct crowd. An identity crisis would not be ideal and could be a turn off to a tap house’s target market.

5. It’s the Law:

Some states in the country actually prohibit happy hour specials or the promotion of happy hour deals in general. The reason being, some lawmakers, such as those in Massachusetts, believe happy hours incite drunkenness. These laws do not impact Washington, so we’re safe, Seattle.

Your best bet is to figure out the happy hour specials at your favorite restaurants and tap houses around town so you can cash in on the best deals when they’re available. If you’re ever in Seattle and looking for the best happy hour nearby, stop by Easy Monkey for our $4 pints, a variety of FREE foods, and other food specials every Thursday and Friday! Come on in, give yourself a break and, “Take it eeeeeasy, monkey!”

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