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Easy Monkey To Go

The Monkey is Open for Business!!

Our take-out and curbside service is ready for you to get your Monkey favorites to go.

Please note: due to the take-out and curbside nature, we cannot take any requests for substitutions or modifications.

Here’s how it’s going to work so you can safely pick-up your food and drink once an order is placed and ready to go:


  • Come through the front door when picking up your food and use the hand sanitizer at the door.
  • Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and anyone else picking up food or filling a growler.
  • Exit out the back door as not to come into contact with anyone coming in.

There is no eating, drinking or hanging out at the bar at this time.
Stay safe and we will see you soon.

Hours of Operation for Take-Out and Curbside:
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday – Saturday: 11am -8pm


For every $50 in gift cards you purchase, we’ll give you a $10 bonus certificate.

Pick up $100 and get a $20 bonus, $200 gets you $40.
Stock up now!


To place an order, give us a call at (206) 420-1326.
You can request door delivery too as we’ll be happy to walk your food out, if you’d prefer to not come in. We can take payment over the phone or at your car.

Please note: due to the take-out and curbside nature, we cannot take any requests for substitutions or modifications.

Small Plates

Scotch Egg with Anchovy Aioli… One for $8 or 2 for $11
Hard Boiled Egg Wrapped in A mixture of Country and Chorizo Sausage then Breadcrumbs

Beet Salad…. $12 (gf, n)
Arugula, Egg, Dill Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese, Pistachio

Sesame Chicken Salad…. $14
Sub Ahi Tuna for…. $4
Romaine, Spring Mix, Soy & Sesame Marinated Chicken Breast, Sesame Dressing, Cilantro, Orange Segments, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, Wontons

Spinach Wrap…. $11 (vgt)
Hummus, Quinoa, Tomato, Goat Cheese, Boiled Egg, Banana Peppers

Hot Cajun Style Seattle Dog with Cream Cheese and Caramelized Onions…. $9

Grilled Cheese… $12 (vtg, n)
Add Ham…. $4
Cheddar, Colby-Jack, Provolone, Mozzarella, Roasted Garlic, Tomato, Pesto

Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Soup with Garlic Toast… $9

Spicy Carnitas Tortilla Soup…$12
Pork, tomatoes, spices, onion, garlic, tortillas, charred peppers, cilantro, corn, with a side of sour cream.


Easy Monkey Mac & Cheese… $11 (vgt)
Add BBQ Pork… $5, Roasted Garlic bulbs…. $3, Meatball…$5, Ham and Peas… $5

Spam Musubi… $2 each
Sushi rice, Marie Rose Sauce, Spam, Seaweed Wrap, and Black Sesame Seeds.

Salmon Cakes with harissa aioli….$17 (Gluten Free)
Green Onions, Orange Zest, Basil, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Bread Crumbs, Mixed Greens Salad

Monkey Sliders…. $13
Patties Made of a Mixture of Beef/BBQ pork and Cheese, Leaf Lettuce, 1000 Island, Red Onions, Tomato

Rueben Sliders… $ 13
House Made Pastrami, 1000 Island Dressing, Sauerkraut, Gruyere

BBQ Pork Sliders… $13 (df)
Carolina Style Slaw, BBQ Sauce, Pork Rinds

Veggie Patty Sliders… $13 (vgt)
Black Beans, Quinoa, Corn, Onion, Garlic, Cheese, Egg, Spices, Pesto, Tomato, Feta

Mini Cold Cut Sub…$12
Mayo, Prosciutto, Salami, Mortadella, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Cheddar, Colby, Provolone

Meatball in Marinara… $8.5
Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Onion, Garlic, Herbs, Parmesan, Mozzarella

French Bread Pizzette…. $6 Add a Meatball on it for $5
Marinara, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Mozzarella

Broccoli & Cheese Baked Potato… $10
Broccoli Florets, Butter, Mixed Cheese, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream

Juicy Lucy Burger….$15.50
8 oz Burger Pattie with a gooey cheesy middle, Mayo, Lettuce Tomato, Onion

Guinness Chocolate Ice Cream Pint… $8


Brown Ale by Diamond Knot
Brown Ale – American 6% ABV 27 IBU

Lucille IPA by Georgetown Brewing
American 7% ABV 85 IBU

Big Chocolate Love  by Salish Sea
Porter – 7% ABV 21 IBU

German Style Pilsner by Stoup Brewing
Pilsner – German 5.2% ABV 37 IBU

John Long’s Long Johns Amber Ale by Hemlock State
Lager – American Amber / Red 5.6% ABV

Purple Reign by Redhook Brewery
IPA – American 5% ABV 50 IBU

Mt. Baker Black Lager by Farmstrong
Lager – Dark 4.9% ABV 25 IBU

Stargazer IPA by Rooftop Brewing Company
IPA – American 6.8% ABV 76 IBU

Kitty Kat Blues by Black Raven
Pale Ale – American 5.5% ABV 35 IBU

Guinness Draught by Guinness
Stout – Irish Dry 4.2% ABV 45 IBU

Ciders & Others

Huckleberry by One Tree Hard Cider
Cider – Traditional 6.8% ABV

Rambling Route Magic Berry Cider by Rambling Route
Cider – 6.9% ABV

Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather by Boochraft
Kombucha 7% ABV

Wines By the Bottle

Cabernet…  $12.00
Chardonnay… $11.00
Pinot Noir… $17.00

Additional Options:
Bodega Privada Malbec… $10.00
Bogle Red Blend… $11.00
Kuke Red Blend…$17.00
Barnard Griffin Rose… $12.00
14 Hands Pinot Gris… $12.00
Revelry Merlot… $13.00

Hard Alcoholic Bottles and Cans

22oz Boochcraft Apple Jasmine Kombucha… $8

Budweiser… $3.5

Coors Light… $4

Rainer… $3

Montucky Cold Snack... $3

Victoria… $4.5

Corona… $4

Heineken… $4.5

Space Dust IPA… $5.75

Kulshan Cherry Sour… $5

20 ml/ 70proof Knob Creek Old Fashion Singles… $8

N/A Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

Clausthaler N/A Beer… $5.5

Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Ginger Ale… $2.00

Crater Lake Root Beer… $2.50

Reeds Ginger Beer… $3.50