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Happy Hour in Seattle: 10 Signs That It’s Getting Too Happy… If That’s Possible

As the name gives away, happy hour is a joyous time. But sometimes it’s can be a little too fun. All good things should be done in moderation. If you can find that perfect balance of celebration and meltdown, you’re going to have a good time. Here are some earlier indicators that your time at happy hour is crossing over into “this is too much” territory.

1. You’re on Your Fourth Plate of Chips

As much as we love to sell you on all the tasty treats and snacks on our menu, we don’t want your stomach to retaliate against you the next day. Pace yourself, or maybe mix things up with our hummus and veggies plate!

2. You’re Telling Your Friends That Your Myers-Brigg Type is IPA

Whether you’re an INFJ or a ESTP can tell a lot about your personality and help people better understand you. If you’re an IPA…you’re a beer.

3. Someone’s Started in a Seahawks Chant… in the Offseason

Is that really so bad, though? We love the spirit of the 12s showing up in full force in our taphouse.

4. There’s More Spilled Beer on Your Table than Peanut Shells

If you’ve stopped in at Easy Monkey, you’ve been quickly greeted with a bowl of peanuts. We’re used to dealing with lots of shells and the occasional spill. If you’re spill-to-shell ratio is higher than normal, maybe it’s time to give someone else your keys.

5. There are More People at your Table than Chairs

The more people, the merrier – just as long as a few of your friends are content with standing or taking shifts on who gets to sit when the table fills up.

6. You’re Recounting Where You Were During the Mariners’ ‘95 ALDS Win

For those were in Seattle in 1995, chances are you have a story about the ‘95 ALDS championship series. Who could forget that dogpile with Ken Griffey Jr.’s smiling face peeking out?

7. You’re Debating Who Gets to Pay for the Next Pitcher

A good friend will buy you a beer. A best friend will buy you both a pitcher. Once you’re debating who gets to pay next, that’s a sign of a true bond.

8. People Are Staring

Maybe people aren’t just looking over at your table because they’re jealous of how much fun you’re having. Courteousness can go a long way!

9. You Haven’t Looked at Your Phone the Whole Time

When you’re distracted from your phone by enjoying time with your friends, and not the other way around, we count that as a win.

10. You’re Already Putting Next Week’s Happy Hour in your Calendar

The good times don’t have to end. Make it a weekly or monthly tradition! Easy Monkey hosts our happy hour every Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with $4 pints and rotating food deals. Come on out and find out just how happy it can get.