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Superior Seattle Ciders: What Makes for a Great Cider

What makes for a great cider? That’s a lofty question. Just as with beer, a lot of this will come down to personal preference. If you like it, then that’s the one for you. But beyond that, on a higher level, there are aspects of ciders that we can turn to which tend to offer the best results. We’re lucky enough to have Seattle ciders that excel exceptionally at these three concepts.

The Right Cider Apples

Just like how you want the best hops for your beer, you want the best apples for your cider. However, this isn’t always a strict rule with many cider breweries using store bought apples and juices. But we’re talking about top tier cider, which calls for top tier ingredients.

Cider apples, in general, are not ones you’d like to take a bite out of. Let’s just say you won’t like them apples. They’re bitter, sour, and you’d probably spit it out if you tried to eat it. Those same characteristics that make it gross to consume raw are what make them so great for your favorite ciders. As Ashridge Nurseries breaks down, these apples have the right acid, sugar, and tannin content to get that full-bodied flavor cider fans love.

Adherence to History

Cider isn’t a fad drink. It’s been around in England since at least the 13th or 14th century. Native Americans had been fermenting crabapples long before the British arrived in North America. Spanish and French breweries have also been making their own variations of the drink over the years as well. These centuries of history are a massive advantage to modern breweries. Technology has made brewing easier, but the time it’s taking to gestate the recipe shouldn’t be ignored when trying to make a quality cider that doesn’t too closely resemble a sugary drink.

A Sense of Creativity

History is important, but it also shouldn’t hold brewers back. That’s one of the things we love about Seattle Cider Co., whom we always keep on tap. They’ve locked down their brewing technique, but also get adventurous with their flavors. From traditional semi-sweet and dry flavors, to oaked maple and a combination poblano, habanero and jalapeño peppers; you won’t have trouble finding a way to mix things up. These are some of the best Seattle ciders you’ll find. 

Ready to jump into the world of cider? Let us be your guide. Stop in to Easy Monkey Taphouse and try one of our four Seattle Cider Co. ciders on tap. Come on by during one of our Friday happy hours and try it out for even less.

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