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Social Media for Social Good

Did you know when you check-in on Facebook every time you visit Easy Monkey that we’ll make a donation on your behalf? We partner with local and international non-profits every month that enable us to make a donation based off the amount of Facebook check-ins we received.

In October, we partnered with Bright Pink where every six Facebook check-ins resulted in a breast cancer and ovarian assessment test being provided to someone in need. We had 102 check-ins, so 17 tests were able to be donated. Thank you!

This month, we are working with The Hunger Site. Every time you check-in, a meal for a family of four is donated. The great thing is that meal is going to Burmese refugees.


How It Works:

Every time you come into Easy Monkey, pull out your mobile phone and click the check-in button in the top right corner. Not sure how to do this? Just ask us for help!

You can check-in every time you come in, even if you visit us twice in the same week or even the same day! Every time you check-in, a meal will be donated.

About the Cause:

Like many Thai towns along the Thailand-Burma border, Mae Sot is a sanctuary for Burmese refugees in their flight from the upheaval of civil war in their own country. Tens of thousands of Karen and other Burmese minorities subsist on the fringes of the Thai economy and await a brighter future. For 20 years, the Mae Tao Clinic has provided life-saving care to Burma’s displaced population, especially its children.

There are 286,000 Burmese migrants living in the Tak province, and the overwhelming majority are under the age of 19. Parents often send their children to Thailand in effort to further their education and avoid the risks of unsafe child labor. Boarding houses give these children a stable environment in which to continue their education, either in Thai schools or migrant learning centers. However, there is not enough consistent donor support for the growing number of boarding houses, apart from Mae Tao Clinic’s Dry Food Programme (DFP), which provides the children with dry food rations, and hygiene and bedding supplies.

The DFP provides the primary nourishment for 3,000 migrant students via rice, tin fish, oil, yellow beans, salt, and sweet powder. Without these essential food donations, many boarding houses would be unable to provide for the children.

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