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5 Signs You’re Ready for Seattle’s Fall Beers & Ciders

Autumn is in the air.

Leaves are changing color and starting to fall. Halloween costumes are in the stores, and just about every food and drink on the shelves is coming out in festive pumpkin flavors. So, we decided to talk about what this season looks like when it comes to your favorite restaurants and breweries. Are you ready to fall-ify your microbrew lineup?

You’re ready for some fall microbrews if:

  • You’ve had one too many pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin muffins at work. Just the smell of pumpkin is starting to get on your nerves. So, we suggest exchanging “pumpkin spice everything” for a tall glass of Seattle Cider’s Oaked Maple at Easy Monkey Taphouse. This festive fall cider is fermented with toasted oak chips, and subtly sweetened with the best maple syrup from Vermont. Peace out, pumpkin spice.
  • You’ve spent the day visiting your favorite corn maze, picking pumpkins and drinking apple cider with the kids. That’s great, but at the end of the day, it may be time to turn in that kid-friendly apple cider for a cold mug of Seattle Cider’s limited-edition Three Pepper, infused with the flavors of jalapeno and habanero. You deserve some adult beverages for being such a good chauffeur/host for all the kid-friendly fall activities that pop up around Washington this time of year!
  • Speaking of the kids: they have already started talking about their epic Christmas list, and all of the things that they are hoping to get when Santa comes to town. All you can think about is having to trudge out of your home at a ridiculous hour on Black Friday to try to get a steal of a deal to make their Christmas extra merry. We suggest enjoying a glass of Winter Wingman beer at Easy Monkey Taphouse. You know, to help relax the rush of fall while still paying respects to the impending winter. This feels like a great plan, to us. Notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg in every sip, it’s a merry mash-up, if we do say so ourselves.
  • You’ve been putting your garden to bed after a full season of harvesting a great bounty of summer treats. It’s hard work that needs to be done to make sure that your garden will be ready come the spring, but boy, can it create a hearty thirst. You deserve a reward: Blackberry Ale is ready to satisfy that thirst while reminding you of a good harvest. It’s a unique, award-winning blend that’s available year ‘round, so if you’re wanting to ignore the fall festivities for a bit, come have a glass of Blackberry Ale and reflect on the great summer of 2016.
  • You woke up cold, and you’re ready to have a satisfying breakfast on a busy fall morning. You’ll probably choose to go with a nice hot bowl of oatmeal to help make you feel fuller longer, and warm you up from the inside out. That’s a fantastic plan… but after working all day (we’re pretty positive it was a long and trying day, at that) you should reach for a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout and savor the rich hearty flavor. But maybe only one for you… the creamy chocolate and oat flavors pack a whopping 9.0% ABV, so you’ll be toasty warm when you reach the bottom of the glass.

We knew these Seattle fall microbrews are calling your name. Be more adventurous this autumn and check out all of the microbrews and ciders that we offer at Easy Monkey Taphouse. We promise that you’ll find a microbrew, wine, or cider that suits your taste buds.

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