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Pairing Beers and Movies

Everyone has heard tips on which wine or beer goes best with which types of foods, but what if you skip the bar or restaurant and take it home to relax on your own couch with one of your favorite movies? We all know that Easy Monkey always has some great beers on tap, and you can enjoy them with a group of your favorite people in the bar – or you could fill a growler and drink it at home. Depending on which beer you’ve chosen, you might choose a different type of movie; if you’re having a hard time deciding which movie pairs with which beer, here are some of our favorites that will make you want to fill your growler.

Big E Ales’ Summer Haze

Summer is right around the corner, so if you want something light, sweet, and filled with love, joy, and happiness, try Summer Haze, by Big E Ales, with “Mamma Mia.” It’s filled with great songs, carefree days, and love – plus, you’ll be able to taste the fresh squeezed oranges that you’d be able to smell if you were actually in Greece, where the movie is set. Fair warning, though: you might wake up with “Waterloo” stuck in your head, so there’s that.

Salish Sea Brewing Co.’s Prior Porter

Looking for something a little darker than that? Look no further than the Prior Porter, with a slightly malty, crisp cola, kettle caramelization taste, we think the perfect movie to wash this down is “Shaun of the Dead,” the cult favorite Simon Pegg zombie apocalypse movie. It has a little light, sweet feel to it, not unlike the porter; both of these will become some of your regulars.

Two Beers’ Tipsy Toboggan

Known for its full flavored, dark, toasty, and warming qualities, this brew is a great pick if you want to fill a growler to take to a holiday celebration. We recommend pairing this with the National Lampoon classic “Christmas Vacation” for more than just the holiday theme – it’s heartwarming and filled with adventure, memories, characters, and makes you appreciate that there are families out there a whole lot crazier than yours.

Two Beers’ Pumpkin Spice

Speaking of holidays, Two Beers’ Pumpkin Spice will have you itching to watch “You’ve Got Mail,” visit New York City in the fall, and maybe even “send [someone] a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.” Both are festive, bright, clean, and refreshing. Need we say more?

Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale

Maybe you’re more in the mood for something more dark and mysterious – something you need to try again to completely understand. Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale pairs very well with the Brad Pitt – Ed Norton modern classic “Fight Club.” The ale is a deep, dark red color (kind of like the deep, dark secret in the movie) with a subtle hint of blackberry (plot twist!), and a smooth finish (we think you’ll want to try it again and again).

Come In for a Growler – Discover Your Favorite Combination!

What’s your favorite combination? Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, so tell us: which beers do you think go best with which movies? Come in to Easy Monkey to get a growler filled with your favorite beer to take home to watch with a movie, TV show, or the big game. Regardless of what type of thing you watch, alone or with friends, we hope you love your beer. We hope to see you soon!

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