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Our Favorite Reasons/Excuses to Have a Beer

A nice, cold, refreshing beer… is there anything more satisfying? Aside from being the best treat or way to unwind after a long day, or at your favorite pub, there are more benefits that you may not have even considered. If you think beer and ale are just guilty indulgences, here are some of the finer qualities of beer that will make you feel a lot less guilty next time you stop in for some classic pub fare.

It Can Benefit Your Bones

Most beers contain silicon, which boosts bone health. Women will especially benefit from this, as women are more likely than men to suffer the effects of the loss of bone density. Studies have shown that women who consumed a moderate amount of beer had better bone density than women who didn’t.

A Beer a Day Keeps Kidney Stones Away?

Beer can helps keep your kidneys healthy! According to one 2013 study, beer can helps reduce your risk of developing kidney stones.

Beer Helps Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a big problem for many Americans, and a leading killer of women, but did you know that the incidence of heart disease is lower for those who consume some (but not too much) alcohol? For men, that means no more than two drinks, and for women, that means no more than one a day.

Hops Helps With a Diabetes, Cholesterol, and More

If you’re a fan of IPAs, drink up! That crucial ingredient prevalent in IPAs (hops) is key in treating diseases and ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, and insomnia; furthermore, it may help lower cholesterol and boost your immune system! Talk about benefits! Drinking beer (especially those types with more hops) can help reduce your lifetime risk for developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative brain conditions. Furthermore, drinking beer can help unlock your creativity, making it easier for you to think, produce, and partake more completely in creative endeavors.

Beer Hydrates Your Body

Did you know that the carbonation in beer allows your body to more quickly and easily soak up the water in it? That means that contrary to what you’ve been told, beer may hydrate you better than plain old water. So if your favorite place to meet after a refreshing walk, run, bike, or hike is Easy Monkey Taphouse, you can rest easy and feel good about cooling off and relaxing with your favorite beer, knowing that it will hydrate you well.

It Increases Blood Flow to Your Brain

Finally, beer allows you to relax. After a long day, drinking a beer opens your blood vessels, which lets more blood flow all over your body, but it has a marked positive impact on your brain. As long as you don’t consume too much too frequently, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of this wonderful beverage.

The next time you have a beer (or get a growler to take home), remember that it’s not just a delicious way to relax and unwind from work, stress, and physical activity – there are many mental and physical health benefits with responsible consumption, so cheers to your overall health.

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Classic Pub Pairings

They say it’s best to pair certain dishes with certain drinks. Red wines pair well with red meat; certain beers pair well with classic diner-style burgers. At Easy Monkey Taphouse, we say good beer tastes better with good food, and it’s just as simple as that. You already know that we have some really amazing beers on tap here, but did you know that our food selection is just as great? Put them together, and you’ve got something that’s truly magical.

Double Smoked Brat + Pilsner

Watching the big game calls for our perfectly smoked brat sandwich, which comes with baked beans and chips. The saltiness from the brat and chips balances well with a light, sweet, refreshing “Pilchuk Pilsner” from Two Beers brewery, and the whole experience may give you the distinct impression you’re there, at the game, rooting for your favorite team (but without having to wait in a long line to pay too much for a merely mediocre brat).

Reuben + IPA

Do yourself a favor: order a Reuben sandwich, topped with sauerkraut and provolone cheese; complement it with an IPA – maybe a “Hop & Oats” from Hellbent, a Sicyne IPA from Dirty Bucket Brewing, or a “Lucille IPA” from Georgetown Brewing Company. Together, the two are the pub equivalent of an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top! Separately, both are fantastic, but together, they’re the embodiment of culinary pairing perfection.

Gourmet Sausage and Cheese Platter + Porter

While any beer would pair well with a variety of cheeses on a platter, we suggest try one of the fantastic porter selections with our gourmet sausage and cheese platter. Try Salish Sea’s “Prior Porter” (with its kettle and cola flavors) or Two Beers’ “Sodo Brown” (which has notes of raisin, chocolate, and toffee). The plate comes with an order of pita bread or rice chips, so you choose if you want to give your experience a nice crunch, too. Whichever you choose, we know you’ll love it.

Hummus and Veggies + Wheat Ale

Life is all about balance, right? Veggies and beer – they balance each other out. It’s “a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.” Pair our hummus and veggies with Big E Ales’ “Summer Haze” and you have the perfect blend of healthy and maybe-not- so-much (although it is brewed with wheat, so it’s a naturally good thing). It’s practically a salad, so there’s no need to feel guilty.

Good Food + Good Drinks = Good Times

At Easy Monkey, you have so many options available to you, and if you don’t like these suggested combinations, go ahead and create your own. After all, flavor preferences are so personal, like you, and good food will always pair well with good drinks, which will always pair well with good friends and a good time. Find your favorite combos and create some favorite memories here! Regardless of your favorites, we know you’ll find something to love. The point is to kick back, have fun, and let the good times roll.

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Why We Love Growlers

Picture this: you’ve just had a couple of amazing, out of this world beers… and you would love to have one more. However, it’s not getting any earlier in the evening, responsibility looms and an early wake-up is on the horizon for you as the work week commences. It becomes an internal struggle of good versus evil: stay out for one last delicious glass, or head home and get to bed so you’re bright-eyed and ready for the morning?

People seem to forget there’s an option exists that is meant to bring the brewery home with you, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite local brews in the comfort of your own home.

There are so many reasons to love growlers, and we think you’ll agree. Here’s just a few:

  1. Growlers are practical and sustainable! They keep beer fresher longer, they hold more beer than bottles or cans, and they are eco-friendly. Bottles and cans have to go through the recycling process, but your growler only needs to be washed out before it can be reused again and again.
  2. Growlers filled with a favorite beer make thoughtful and practical gifts. Even if the recipient doesn’t particularly care for the specific beer you chose for them, they can always pick another when they go back to have it refilled. Buck the trend of bringing a bottle of wine to a party – your hosts and the other party attendees will love it when you arrive to celebrate, customized growler in hand.
  3. Growlers are remarkably easy to transport, nearly indestructible, and well insulated. The next time you go on a hiking or camping trip, remember to take along your trusty growler so when you get to your destination, you can enjoy a nice cold beer as you relax and take in the view.
  4. Growlers support the local economy. Instead of paying to buy mass-produced beers in bottles and cans, growlers allow you to buy local NW beer, which is all we sell here at Easy Monkey.
  5. It’s always a good day when you don’t have to be concerned with drinking and driving. Take your beer home and drink responsibly.

So, the next time you want to stop at the store for a six-pack, swing in and fill a growler with a beer made here in the Seattle area. We can tell you about the ingredients of your beer and the charm and mission of the local brewery, and send you on your way teeming with knowledge and tasty hops. Enjoying your favorite beer is one thing, but enjoying it in the comfort of your own home can bring it to the next level.

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Perfect Beers for a Rainy Day

When the temperatures start dropping and the snow and rain start falling, you start looking for ways to get warm and keep cozy. The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when you realize cold weather is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite full-bodied stout or smooth brown ale, it makes a long, cold winter that much easier to face.

With a sophisticated depth and complexity not offered by many other beers, stout warms you from the inside out. IPAs might be all the rage amongst the in-crowd these days, but for those chilly winter months, there’s nothing to rival the uniquely roasted flavors and warmth that comes with a silky, creamy stout.

Stout: More Than Guinness

Originating in the early 18th century, stouts were defined as very strong porters, and even called “stout porters.” Perhaps the image conjured up most often when you think of a stout beer is a glass of Guinness, the smooth and dark Irish stout. Today, there are a handful of unique varieties of stout, including:

  • Oatmeal Stout
    Brewed with oatmeal (hence the name), this variety of stout tends to be a bit smoother, a bit sweeter, and has a more full-bodied flavor. You might find instances where a brewery allows these beers to ferment in bourbon or whiskey barrels, which gives them an even more unique flair.

  • Milk Stout
    You might guess from its name (and you’d be right) that this is a sweeter beer, thanks to its residual unfermented sugars left over from the milk, but it retains the roasted flavor beautifully.

  • Imperial Stout
    Loaded with hops, and with an incredibly strong with ABV of 8+%, this variety can have bitter or fruity flavors. Originally brewed for the Russian court of Catherine II, it’s sometimes referred to as “Russian Imperial Stout.”

  • Irish Stout
    With a much lower alcohol content than most other types of stouts (usually less than 6%), these are lighter, and easier to drink while still maintaining the classic roasted flavor. Popular varieties of Irish stout include Murphy’s, Beamish, and of course, Guinness.

Relax, and let the Beer Flow!

Whatever your particular flavor preference, you’ll be sure to find a stout or dark ale to suit your palate. There’s a stout out there for everyone: chocolate, coffee, and fruit-infused. With a range of light and darker beers currently on tap at Easy Monkey Taphouse, you’ll find something perfect for this time of the year.

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Craft Beers Vs Microbrews

Craft Beers vs Microbrews-EasyMonkeyTaphouse

While some of your friends stick to beers that can be found at your local grocery store while the rest order small-batch uniquely flavorful beers and ales, and you find yourself wondering about the difference in taste and preference. It all just sounds so complicated.

“This one is more hoppy.”

“This one is made with more malt.”

“This one has a spicy kick – they put habanero in it!”

“This one’s more traditional, but it’s aged in bourbon barrels, so you get a hint of that.”

“This one is sweet, with a hint of tropical fruit.”

Maybe you’re new to the beer and ale scene, or maybe you’re just a creature of habit. If you’ve decided to branch out, out of pure wonder or curiousity, you’re probably unsure of where to begin. There are, after all, hundreds of craft breweries turning out thousands of unique varieties of fermented grain. Different methods, different tastes – it’s all new to you, so how do you decide?

You dive in. Craft beer makers and microbreweries specialize in breaking the mold and thinking outside the box, trying to breathe new life into something that is already pretty amazing – American brews. That’s what craft beers and microbrews are all about – building on the already great traditions and methods that have turned out the best beers, but giving those beers a little bit of a personal twist. Before you decide what you might like to try, there are some things you should know.

So, what’s the difference between a “craft beer” and a “microbrew”?

While some people might use the terms interchangeably – and the two do have some elements in common – there are some notable differences, and it all starts with where and how they’re brewed.

A “craft brewery” is independently owned and limited to brewing no more than 2 million gallons per year; there are also some strict guidelines on the techniques used to produce the beer. Additionally, beers from craft breweries contain at least half malt rather than barley.

A “microbrewery,” is limited to 15,000 barrels (or 460,000 gallons) per year; three-quarters of the beer produced in a microbrewery must be sold outside of the brewery. A microbrewery is not limited to using certain techniques or ingredients.

So, simply put:

  • Craft breweries can make approximately four times as much beer as microbreweries
  • Craft breweries are limited in their techniques and ingredients (microbreweries are not).
  • Craft breweries can sell their brews outside of the brewery, microbreweries have mandates they are supposed to follow regarding the amount they’re allowed to sell within the brewery.

Each type of brewery uses their limitations to their advantage by creating niches; unique specialties that make their particular beer, brand, and brew more intriguing to consumers. Craft breweries, for example, take pride in using the finest, sometimes only local ingredients in their beers. Some use specialized equipment, including barrels previously used for whiskey or bourbon, so that it takes on a bit of the whiskey or bourbon flavor.

The Huffington Post says that craft beers must have three qualities in order to call themselves “craft,” namely: (1) The brewery produces a small amount of beer, (2) The brewery is independently owned; and (3) The majority of what the brewery produces is done in a traditional way.

At Easy Monkey, you can try some of the greatest varieties of Seattle’s locally crafted beers and ales. From IPAs to Porters, Stouts, and Blonde Ales, you’re sure to find something that you love enough to keep you coming back for more. We believe in supporting our local economy and brewers; we feature beers and ales from American Brewing, Big E, Dirty Bucket, Georgetown, Hellbent, Salish Sea, and Two Beers.

You may be a newbie now – unfamiliar with all of the wide variety options available to you (there’s a whole new world out there!) – but if you want to expand your horizons, break out of your shell, and try something new… you’re always welcome to try Easy Monkey Taphouse. We have tons of local varieties of craft and microbrews on tap.