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Seasonal Roundup: Summer Beers You Need to Try

Not everyone’s ideal summer beverage is a vibrant cocktail. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With every new season comes new seasonal beers, giving you a chance to expand your palette and see some of the bold work your favorite local breweries are dreaming up. From IPAs to Pilsners, there’s a perfect summer beer out there for you and we’ll help you find it.

Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale

If you grew up in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a good chance at least some part of your childhood involved going outside and picking blackberries right off the bush. The flavor can carry strong sensory memories and you might just find some of them rushing back when you take a sip of Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale. Big E finds the perfect balance that keeps this ale from being too sweet like some berry ales can be, leaning into the malt flavors and feeling smooth and refreshing. You’ll get hints of chocolate malt in the mix as well, adding to the nostalgia of this great summer brew.

Two Beers Brewing Company’s Pilchuk Pilsner

Lighter beers can be great for easing in new beer fans, but they’re also great for a summer drink that won’t slow you down. Two Beers’ Pilchuk Pilsner is a great option for a lighter beer that you can sip on during a summer evening without the weightiness of a darker beer like a stout. The Pilchuk has notes that are both sweet and spicy, much like a Seattle summer.

Georgetown Brewing Company’s Lucille IPA

The Lucille IPA hits all the marks of a perfect summer IPA. Both floral and citrus flavors burst out of this strong brew. At 7% abv, it definitely packs a punch. This is a great end of a day beer, cooling off at sunset after a sweltering day outdoors. The Lucille is a favorite for locals and it’s no wonder why. Grab a pint of this with your friends and reminisce about your favorite summer memories and what you’re going to do for the rest of the season.

Seattle Ciders

Maybe you don’t like cocktails or beer. That’s okay! There’s another great summer options for you: cider. Seattle Cider Company has been creating some light, refreshing drinks that will perfectly fit your summer mood. The first cidery since prohibition times, Seattle Cider Company puts immense care and craftsmanship in every batch. The sweet apple flavor will tantalize your tastebuds, light enough to keep you cool on a hot day.

Summer’s going to be over before we know it – make sure you get in these summery drinks now before fall sweeps in. You can find these all right here at Easy Monkey Taphouse. Stop on in today and we’ll pour you a pint of your perfect summer beer.

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No More Coffee Shops: Doing Your Work and Meetings at the Bar

If you work remotely or are constantly looking for public places to hold meetings, you’ve probably spent way too many hours in a Starbucks or another coffee shop. Look, we like coffee just as much as anyone else – we are in the Northwest, after all – but why not mix it up? Taphouses like Easy Monkey can be a great place to work. How, you say? Let’s break it down.

Better Focus Space

One of the best things about bars is that they can, to a degree, be what you them to be. Looking to have a good time with friends and be merry? Perfect! Come on through and have a great time. Need to be left alone in the corner? Hey, no problem. Bars and taphouses afford you the space you need.

With the smooth indie folk cooing out of the speakers at a coffee shop, you might think it’d be a more relaxed environment but in actuality many coffee spots can be unexpectedly wild. People are constantly coming in and out through the doors, loudly ordering their coffee, and switching between tables. While few people do linger at coffee shops, you’re going to get a higher volume of people coming in and out, which can be bothersome with the added blare of the espresso machine. Bars aren’t as on-the-go as coffee houses.

When you step in those doors, you’re committing to staying awhile. It’s slower paced, allowing you to get settled in with minimum distractions. You can grab a beer, find your spot, and get settled in without worrying about someone rushing through the door to get their macchiato. As an added bonus, you’re likely going to have less people to fight for the outlets with – perhaps maybe one of the most contentious parts of working at a coffee shop.

Better Ambiance for Meetings

If you’re meeting with a potential client or a coworker, a bar can be the ideal setting. There’s many of the reasons that crossover with why you work their alone – better space to focus and less foot traffic – but it can add an extra little panache to your meeting. The ambiance of the bar can be much more comfortable, feeling more relaxed and laid back. Having everybody put at ease makes more better dialogue, which makes for better meetings.

If you’re trying to woo over a new customer, why not make them feel at home? Hanging out with a beer just feels communal whereas coffee is much more businesslike. Build a bond. Grab some snacks, hang out for a bit. When they’re at ease, you’ll be at ease, and you can make some real magic happen.

Better Drinks

Like we said at the beginning, we love coffee too, but it’s really hard to top a great beer. Whether you’re in the mood for something bright like a pilsner or heavy and warming like a stout, you have plenty of variety to choose from at a bar. Now obviously you want to be careful not to drink too much if you’re trying to get work done, but sipping on a couple beers over a couple hours while you bust through some spreadsheets and emails can be just as innocuous as sipping a drip coffee (plus you won’t get as jittery from that caffeine boost).

Ready to make the change from your neighborhood coffee shop to your neighborhood bar while you work remotely? Easy Monkey Taphouse is ready to take you in. Stop on by and try some of our local craft brews. Our outlets are open, high tables ready, and beers flowing and cocktails ready. Come on by today.

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Summertime Blues: Beer Pairings for Shows at The Monkey

Far from wallowing, blues music and beer can be a fun and cathartic experience. As the Monkey books some of the best blues acts in town every weekend from an array of styles and backgrounds, we want to help people have the best time possible. You’ve got great blues music happening right in front of you – what beer are you going to drink to match the mood? We have some suggestions for the rest of our July shows.

Band: Madison Avenue Blues

When: July 21

Beer: Georgetown Brewing’s Lucille IPA

Madison Avenue Blues will be making their debut at The Monkey this week and we can’t wait to have them! When you’re already taking a leap on something new, it can help to ground it with something you’re more familiar with. Georgetown’s Lucille IPA is a Seattle classic. The fragrant, hoppy flavor is like having a little bit of home in your pint. Change is good, but a little bit of an old favorite is good too.

Band: The Wolf Tones

When: July 22

Beer: Hellbent’s Hop & Oats Pale

Local duo husband and wife duo The Wolf Tones complement each other both on and off the stage, just like hops and oats. That’s why we suggest, well, Hellbent’s Hop & Oats Pale for this show. The taste is as smooth as the band’s riffs and licks, giving you a refreshing “ahh!’ feeling that you’ll also get from the band’s music.

Band: Billy Stapleton & Don Wilhem

When: July 28

Beer: Two Beers’ Pilsner & Sodo Brown

We couldn’t pick just one beer for this pairing of great blues musicians. Billy Stapleton and Don Wilhem come with their own distinguished blues pedigree, but they’re very much cut from the same cloth when it comes to offering up continually excellent performances. We feel the same way about Two Beers Brewing company. Their Pilsner an Sodo Brown couldn’t be more different, one light and mild and the other heavy and bold. Drink one of each and you’ll get the full spectrum of the emotions these blues players are sure deliver in their performance.

Band: Brian Lee & The Blues Orbiters

When: July 29

Beer: Black Raven’s Trickster IPA

Brian Lee & The Blues Orbiters pride themselves on taking listeners through a journey of the “blues universe.” While we don’t have any interstellar themed brews on tap right now, we think Black Raven’s Trickster IPA might just do the trick. We don’t think the band members are deceivers, but the unpredictability from track to track will continually have you guessing. You might think you’re in for a set of slow-burners, but next thing you know you’re up and dancing along to some upbeat rhythms. The Trickstep IPA has a little bit of everything too – hops to tantalize your taste buds, citrus to cool ‘em off, and a pine-like aroma to catch you off guard.

These combos sounding pretty tasty right about now? Come down to any of these shows and try them out for yourself. We’ll have the taps ready and the music going.

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Get in the Summer Spirits: Finding the Perfect Cocktail to Match the Perfect Weather

When the sun’s out, you’re bound to be on the hunt for a little bit of fun. We’ve extolled before the many amazing things Seattle has to offer, including some delicious beers, but sometimes you want something a little bit more vibrant. Just in time for the warm weather, Easy Monkey Taphouse has begun selling spirits and cocktails! As our collection of local spirits grows, we’ll start offering some of our own spins on old classics, but there’s plenty of tried-and-true cocktail recipes that will get your summer going even better. Any of these tasty drinks will perfectly match the beautiful weather.


Is there a more definitive summer drink than a margarita? Whether it’s spicy or sweet, lime or strawberry, you can hardly ever go wrong with this classic drink. It’s cool and refreshing without losing that kick. Using Papa Bueno tequila, you’re sure to have a smooth and vibrant drink. Papa Bueno’s tequila is distilled in small town of Antotonilco El Alto, located in West-Central Mexico before it’s packaged and distributed here in Seattle. It has all the authenticity of true Mexican tequila with a little bit of that cool, laidback Seattle feeling.

Rum and Coke

More traditionally considered a well-drink, the rum and coke is the perfect kick-back drink. Throw in a lime wedge and you’ve just got yourself a bit of summery goodness. Easy Monkey uses Kraken Black Spiced Rum, adding a more sophisticated flavor to your drink. You don’t have to be a pirate to be a rum fiend. Just sit back with your glass, take in the breeze and you’ll feel like you’re on the seas yourself.

Tom Collins

Are you a gin fan? Like something a little sweeter? Then you’ll definitely want to go with a Tom Collins. This blend of gin, lemon juice, carbonated water, and sugar is just the bit of sweetness you’ll be craving after a day out in the sun rays. What better way to treat yourself? Local owned Scratch Distillery makes some of the finest gin you’ll find in the Northwest, foregoing any GMOs and vapor infusing their alcohol. The results? The best damn Tom Collins you’ve had in a long time.


You can’t have summer without at least some citrus. That’s part of what makes daiquiri’s so great this time of year. They give you the sweetness you’ve been craving as well as that bright flavor that just feels like mid-July. Holding a daiquiri ,you’ll feel fancy, fun, and ready to keep the night going.

Ready to take full advantage of the summer season? Drop in to Easy Monkey and try some of our delicious spirits and cocktails today!

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What Makes Pizza and Beer So Good?

Few things have stood the test of time as well as pizza and beer. Not since maybe peanut butter and jelly have we seen a pairing that’s accomplished so much and received so much acclaim. You can enjoy either one on it’s own and it’ll be great, but when they come together you know your taste buds are about to experience total euphoria. What makes these two so good together? We have some theories.

Two Good Things Make a Right

Two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right, but two delicious things do make something even better than themselves. They key is to not skimp on the quality with either element. Sure, you can buy a 24 pack of a generic lager and get a chain-restaurant pizza delivered to your door without spending too much cash, but you’re missing out on the true potential of what pizza and beer can offer. Upgrade to a local craft beer and some artizan zaw and a whole new world will be opened to you.

A Real Crowd Pleaser

If you’re throwing a party or stopping by the bar to catch up with friends, you need the right setting to get people comfortable. Nothing says “Let’s hang out” better than an ice cold beer straight from the tap and a slice of zesty pizza. It’s become such a universal setup for bonding that you can almost never go wrong. It’s the perfect setting for a laidback atmosphere, making for the least pretentious outing you can have.

Find Your Right Pairing

With the wide spectrum of beers and types of pizza out there, everyone can cater the experience to their own taste as well. Not just that, but you can even enhance your experience by finding complementing beers and pizzas. Every Wednesday, Blasphemy Pizza comes through Easy Monkey and offers up a selection of pies for guests to buy and try. With our extensive local tap list, you have the opportunity to make some really exciting pairings. For their Maximillian (pepperoni, red sauce, mozzarella), we recommend going with Two Beers Brewing’s’ Sodo Brown to highlight the inherent spiciness of the pepperoni. For something meatier like the Vacation Hold (house made sausage, charred walla walla onions), go with something bold like Georgetown Brewing’s Lucille IPA. If you’re a cheese lover, you can go wrong with the Walter (ricotta, parmesan, romano, chive blossom) with Hellbent’s Hops & Oats Pale.

No matter what your pair it with, it’s hard to find a losing combination when it comes to pizza and beer. Feeling a craving coming on? Make sure to stop through Easy Monkey next Wednesday and get your pizza on. Bring some friends and we’ll have the brews ready.