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An Autumn Day in Seattle

Summer may be officially over, but we’re now fully heading into one of the best seasons in Seattle: fall. If you’ve been born and raised in the Northwest, there’s a big chance you’ve learned to love the cozy rainy days, the crunchy leaves on the ground, and the brisk air filling up your lungs. This year is another chance to experience everything fall in the city has to offer. Consider doing some of these things to give yourself the perfect autumn day in Seattle.

Get Some Coffee to Fuel Your Day

Seattle gets a reputation around the globe as a coffee town. It’s a stereotype that’s really hard to deny. Beyond just the massive popularity of Starbucks, Seattle has some of the most exciting coffee shops you’ll find anywhere. Stop into Slate Coffee for a deconstructed latte or find a neighborhood Cafe Vita or Caffe Ladro to get yourself a cup of joe to start your day. The smell of the roasting beans emanating from the shop alone feels quintessentially fall. Plus, you’ll need the caffeine boost as you get ready to take in everything Seattle has to offer.

Go For a Walk Around Town

Is walking really much of an activity? In Seattle, it definitely is. It’s one of the simplest pleasures you can take in with the city. Whether it’s Downtown exploring Pike’s Place Market or making your way through the nooks and crannies of Fremont and Capitol Hill, there’s nothing better than a little bit of window shopping with your warm cup of coffee in your hand. There are plenty of parks to explore too! Head over to Discovery Park or Gas Works Park and take in the scenic views and the smell of the water coming in with the breeze.

Explore Book Shops and Record Stores

Good books and good music are a must for any fall day. Take some time to explore some of the local bookstores and record shops to get the right mix of both for the season. More than just finding something to buy, the ambiance of these shops just feels like the coziness of fall. You’ll already be imagining yourself curled up by the fireplace as you rummage through all the albums and novels.

Cap it All Off With a Show and a Fall Beer

Seattle isn’t just a coffee town – it’s a beer town too. With a plethora of microbreweries in and around the city, you have plenty to choose from. Make your way over to Easy Monkey Taphouse in Shoreline and we’ll show you our extensive selection of local brews. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice or an IPA, we’ve got you covered. To celebrate Seattle’s rich music scene, plan your day around a Friday or Saturday and we’ll have some of the best blues music in the state waiting on our stage. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these activities. Make the most of this autumn, we’ll have the beer ready for you.

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Brewery In-Focus: Black Raven Brewery

Beer as a drink has been around in some fashion since we had years that end in “B.C.” Throughout that long and storied history, beers and the brewing process have undergone many drastic changes. While brewers pay tribute – at least symbolically – every time they start a batch, there are some breweries that go out of their way to pay homage to these different eras. That’s what leads up to Redmond’s own Black Raven Brewery.

Drinking a Black Raven Beer is like being transported back in time. They cite their beers as pulling from “old world styles,” crafting brews like the Tavern Hall Kolsch that resemble traditional German ale styles. Or there’s the Frost Beak Winter Lager, inspired by German Dopplebocks. It all stems from the breweries desire for excellence with each beer. When head brewer Beaux Bowman founded Black Raven, he did it with a simple philosophy: “to brew beer that we want to drink.”

All of this doesn’t mean that Black Raven Brewery is stuck in trying to recreate beers from the past. Alongside their traditional ales, they also take the opportunity to experiment. Their Coco Jones Coconut Porter takes an old favorite and flips it on its head. The hints of coffee in the porter are accented with toasted coconuts, giving a rich a flavorful experience with each gulp.

Currently at Easy Monkey, we carry two of Black Raven’s incredible beers on tap. The Trickster IPA is a favorite at our taphouse, living up to its name by leading your senses astray. Balancing light fruit flavors like citrus with a piney aroma alongside malt and hops, you’ve got a full gamut of sensations seemingly going in other directions but ultimately coalescing into a refreshing drink. The Kitty Kat Blues Pale Ale is a great example of the breweries willingness to experiment as well. Infused with blueberries, vanilla bean, and catnip, this pale rivals lighter pilsners in its ability to put down easy. Plus, you get that nice taste of blueberry muffins after every sip. It’s like having a beer and dessert at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for something to get back to the roots of beer or trying to expand your horizons, Black Raven Brewery fulfills both needs. Ready to try one of these tasty brews for yourself? Stop on into Easy Monkey Taphouse and we’ll pour you a pint.

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Brewery In-Focus: Seattle Cider Co.

Hard Cider worth Drinking and Mood Pleasing

Hard cider has turned out to be a standout amongst the most noticeable sections of the art preparing industry and has a stamped claim (or should that be ap-peel?) with the two men and ladies. Hard cider offers a considerable amount, from a taste that contrasts monstrously from historical roots somewhere down in American culture. With those advantages, the cider is additionally picking up a great deal of notice from beer drinkers and the rise in popularity of Seattle Cider Company indicates exactly how alluring huge brewers are finding the matured apple refreshment. What’s to think about hard juice?

A Glance at Hard Cider:

In the event that you are one of only a handful couple of who has never tried cider, you’re in for a genuine treat. Indeed, even affirmed brew lovers discover a considerable measure to appreciate with this refreshment. The refreshment is produced using squeezed apple and contrasts from unfermented juice altogether (and not on the grounds that it contains liquor).

Inside the US, hard cider has delighted in huge history. Actually, it originates before beer as one of the favored mixed refreshments. Amid Colonial circumstances, it was much more typical to discover hard juice at the table than lager and juice were generally served on the grounds that there was no great wellspring of clean drinking water close-by.

The Origin of Hard Cider:

Cider started to come to ubiquity amid the 2000s when the specialty blending industry in the US truly started to take off. Numerous makers took their prompts from British juice ciders, where the fame of the refreshment never truly faded.

Rising Interest of Big Beer Companies in Cider?

Even given the increased popularity of fermented apple juice, what is there to tempt major breweries into getting into the act? Actually, there’s a lot to be gained for Big Beer, particularly in a time when their sales in other areas are flat. Another reason that juice is so appealing to huge distilleries is the net revenue. There is by all accounts more cash to be made in cider than in customary beers, thanks in vast part to the way that there’s little requirement for much else besides apples, water, and yeast. Ready to try some for yourself? Grab a pint of Seattle Cider Co.’s delicious brews at Easy Monkey today!



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Brewery In-Focus: Two Beers Brewing Company

two beers brewing

How do you feel after having two beers? It’s not enough for most to get inebriated, but it’s enough to settle in and relax. It’s a philosophy that’s at the core of Seattle’s Two Beers Brewing Company. It all started when the brewery’s founder Joel VandenBrink had an argument with a friend. Instead of letting it get more heated, the walked down to a pub to talk it out. After having a couple of beers together, the conversation got more honest and open.

When VandenBrink decided to start making his own beer, he brought in this mindset to his brewery. It’s the feeling of bonding of beer, letting down barriers, and being open with each other. Much like Big E Ales, it’s a willingness to embrace the emotional and communal impact that makes their beers so good – well, that and the fact that they taste amazing. The company recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, which adds up to a lot of these types of conversations spurred and a lot of beers.

The entire first year of the breweries existence was dedicated to perfecting their craft. Without a license yet to begin selling, VandenBrink holed himself away in his Fremont space working on getting the recipes exactly what they need to be. A year later, he emerged with the 20:20 Blonde, which he sold a keg to a local pub in Phinney Ridge. He’d end up producing 100 barrels by the end of the year. By the end of their second year, the brewery sold 470 barrels and had to move to a larger location in SoDo. With each passing year, those numbers continued to jump up higher and higher.

As a true local brewery, VandenBrink and co. are committed to using only locally sourced ingredients for their beers whenever possible. They get their hops from the Yakima valley and even print their labels from a printer down the road from their headquarters. It’s little touches like that which make Two Beers such a special company.

At Easy Monkey, we currently keep two of Two Beers’ beers on tap (try saying that 10 times fast). There’s the sweet and mild Pilchuck Pilsner, a wonderfully refreshing beer for keeping the conversations spirited and easy going. Then there’s the SoDo Brown, a decadent American Brown Ale that features seven different grains and one type of hop. The rich notes of chocolate, toffee, and sun dried raisins make it a great brew to warm up with as the weather turns colder. Either one is great for sparking those honest conversations. Ready to find out what Two Beers is all about? Stop on into the Monkey and try one for yourself.

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Brewery In-Focus: Big E Ales

Big E Ales

If we can get sentimental here for a second, beer can often bring people together. Whether it’s sharing your first beer with your parents or catching up with some old friends you haven’t seen in a long time over a pint, beer can help be a common denominator in certain moments to bring people together. It’s an idea that Lynwood’s Big E Ales understands intimately, making community one of the core values of the company.

Founded in 1997, Big E Ales has started with a mission on bringing people together. It’s something they’ve carried on consistently over the years, making it a tenant of their own brewpub when it opened in 2005. Getting people from different worlds and viewpoints together over beer isn’t just aspirational, it’s something they accomplish with each new brew. Who wouldn’t bond over their delicious golden ales and IPAs?

A huge part of this has to do with the brewery’s intensive brewing process. They really don’t mess around. They make the “micro” in “micro brewery” seem trivial with the tools they’re using at their disposal. This is pure craft. As they outline on their website in extensive detail, they walk through every step from pouring the malted barley and creating the mash all the way through filtering, carbonating, and canning. It’s not about keeping secrets on how they get their beer to taste so good, it’s about showing you how every pint or bottle you drink is going through a massive process to make sure it’s the best it can be. If that doesn’t make you fall in love with this brewery, then what else can?

Easy Monkey is proud to carry Big E Ales on tap. Currently we’re hosting their scotch and blackberry ales in our taproom, giving you a great sampling of some of what Big E Ales does best. As festive or seasonal as the name may sound, the blackberry ale is actually a year round favorite. Just taking a look at that ruby complexion when it’s poured into your glass and try not to drool. Then when you take a sip and catch those notes of chocolate and the smooth sensation as you take a gulp, drooling may then become uncontrollable. The scotch ale as well exudes their brilliant brewing process. Made by letting the brew boil longer than usual, this beer comes with strong caramel and roasted malt flavor. It’s a tantalizing experience that’s unique to Big E Ales.

Okay, now we’re making ourselves thirsty for some of these beers ourselves. Feeling the urge to try one too? Stop on in to Easy Monkey Taphouse and we’ll pour you a glass. Bring some friends too and celebrate the spirit of community that Big E puts into all of their beers.