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Happy Hour Bucket List

5 Mouth Watering Happy Hour Dishes You Have to Try Around Seattle

Happy hours are typically raved about because of the low-priced drink specials, but the hidden gems of happy hours all around the world are indeed: the appetizer/tapas menus. Many people drop into a happy hour after leaving their 9-5 grind and haven’t had anything to eat since lunchtime – 5 or so hours prior. To cut down on excessive drunkenness (due to drinking on an empty stomach), tap houses will often times push their food specials. We’ve done you a favor and combined a list of some of the most delicious items in the Seattle, Washington area.

“Easy M” Grilled Cheese (Easy Monkey – Shoreline, Washington) – Everyone loves a solid grilled cheese sandwich. It takes you back to your childhood days, right? Add four different cheeses and bread that melts in your mouth, and all is right in the world. Craft beer and a grilled cheese? Yes, please.

Green Eggs & Bacon (Corner Spot – Seattle, Washington) – Green eggs aren’t just for Sam I Am. This play on breakfast-for-dinner is a shockingly delightful pairing with happy hour drinks and is quite satisfying after a long day – or week!

Korean Fried Chicken Wings (Cha:n – Seattle, Washington) – There’s something so comforting about fried chicken, but Korean fried chicken is on another level. With a chili caramel glaze, these wings are a sweet and spicy treat. This is definitely a dish to share with a friend, so bring the whole crew with you.

#28 Dragon Bowl (Scotty Brown’s Restaurant – Bellevue, Washington) – Customers rave that this teriyaki chicken (or tofu) bowl with rice, wok-fried veggies, red cabbage, crispy onions, and spicy yogurt is quite possibly the best-of-the-best on the outskirts of Seattle. “The Goods” menu at Scotty Brown’s doesn’t disappoint.

Pommes Frites Amsterdam (Brower’s Cafe – Fremont in Seattle, Washington) – So, this is basically a fancy name for french fries doused in melted aged gouda with caramelized onions, thyme and your choice of dipping sauce. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can add chopped bacon (yes!) or an organic fried egg. Fries and craft beer are always a good choice.

Don’t just take advantage of the cheap drink specials – keep an eye out for the variety of happy hour small plate options at local hot spots. Report back and let us know what you think of the list above, and what else we should add to our bucket list!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Most Taphouses Don’t Offer Happy Hour Everyday

So, you’ve had a long day at work, and after the 9-5 weekday grind all you want is to find a solid happy hour special around town, right? Unfortunately, most taphouses don’t offer happy hour specials every day of the week, and here’s why:

1. Traffic Varies:

A taphouse or restaurant owner’s main goal in strategically implementing happy hour specials is to bring individuals into their establishment during some of the lowest traffic times. This creates a high value or returns on investment perception for the guest and, if they have a positive experience, will encourage them to become a repeat customer. Some days and times are busier than others, so specials tend to be focused on these traditionally slower times.

2. High-Volume Traffic Doesn’t Last Forever:

Happy hours drive a crazy amount of traffic, but not for long. Guests will flood into a taphouse for a great deal and drink like a fish, however, as soon as the happy hour specials end, it’s a ghost town. This means guests are drinking at a discounted rate, but not sticking around to spend money on other items like food and regular priced specialty beers, ciders or wines. Though it’s beneficial for the customer, the “success” of these deals can often hurt the revenue flow for an establishment.

3. Perfect Recipe for a Disaster:

The timing of happy hour is often bad timing, especially during the work week. Those who come straight into a taphouse after getting off of work likely haven’t eaten since lunchtime (4-5 hours prior) and tend to drink on an empty stomach. This can lead to drunkenness and sloppy behavior which can give a nice establishment a bad rap.

4. Identity Crisis:

Happy hours can sabotage the image of a taphouse by making it seem more like a bar. People most likely go to bars with the sole intention to drink. Tap houses tend to serve specialty drinks, are not open until the wee hours of the morning, and want to appeal to a more distinct crowd. An identity crisis would not be ideal and could be a turn off to a tap house’s target market.

5. It’s the Law:

Some states in the country actually prohibit happy hour specials or the promotion of happy hour deals in general. The reason being, some lawmakers, such as those in Massachusetts, believe happy hours incite drunkenness. These laws do not impact Washington, so we’re safe, Seattle.

Your best bet is to figure out the happy hour specials at your favorite restaurants and tap houses around town so you can cash in on the best deals when they’re available. If you’re ever in Seattle and looking for the best happy hour nearby, stop by Easy Monkey for our $4 pints, a variety of FREE foods, and other food specials every Thursday and Friday! Come on in, give yourself a break and, “Take it eeeeeasy, monkey!”

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Happy Hour: A Great Perk at Your Favorite Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants will offer a variety of sweet deals to get you in the door for their happy hour. It’s almost like getting the employee discount – if only for a limited number of hours per day and only on specific days. If you want to take advantage of some great deals on appetizers and drinks, happy hour is the way to go.

What is “Happy Hour?”

What is a “happy hour” anyway? Well, it’s a set period when certain food and drink are deeply discounted so that customers are more likely to buy them. Many bars and restaurants use that time to promote their on-tap brews and appetizers. The thought behind it is that you’ll consider the discount in perspective and consider buying more because even if you don’t or can’t finish all of the food, you’re still coming out ahead financially since the items are so much cheaper than normal. Because you get a chance to get more of the things that you love, and because food and drink tend to make people happy – BAM! – Happy hour.

History of Happy Hour

You may be asking yourself, “Where did the idea for happy hours come from?” There is evidence that happy hours originated in the early 1900s and is linked to Navy slang. Throughout the First World War, sailors were allowed a period of time off the ship known as “Happy Hour.” However, some experts claim the term happy hour existed before the Navy coined the term. Shakespeare uses the phrase in King Henry V to describe pleasant times.

A Ban on Happiness

Sadly, this “happy hour” happiness isn’t afforded to everyone, though. Citing safety reasons, Massachusetts, Indiana, Utah, and North Carolina all have banned happy hours, as has all military base bars, and Pennsylvania has limited the time happy hours are allowed – it was limited to just two hours until 2011 when it was extended to four hours. Fortunately, here in the United States, bans and limits tend to be more of the exception than the rule – in the U.K., there are even more restrictions if you can imagine that!

Looking for the Best Happy Hour Near You?

If you want to find the restaurant that has your favorite food and drinks on special during happy hour, there’s an app for that – try doing a little bit of research on Yelp! You can also check out our weekly happy hour specials here.

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Beer & Diversity

It’s Saturday night, and you’re looking for some fun and excitement. Or maybe some nice, relaxing conversation. Picture the scene: You’re sitting at Easy Monkey’s bar, looking at the wide array of interesting beers, ciders, and wines they have to offer, wondering what to order, when you see some potential new friends walk in, each as uniquely different from each other as they are from you. But, as they say, “variety is the spice of life,” so you decide to introduce yourself.

The first person, a guy in his mid-30s, strikes you as someone who may have been the high school quarterback, the most popular guy in school. He seems to be a nice kind of a dude, with hints of sweet, bitter, and a bit of a kick to his personality. He orders a lager – the Pilchuck Pilsner, actually – and you’re hit with a hint of that order being absolutely perfect for him. It’s crisp, refreshing, smooth, and, coincidentally enough, the most popular type of beer in the world.

Next, a bold, dark-headed bombshell walks up to the bar in her four-inch stilettos and bodycon mini dress to order the Sozo Contribute Cabernet. Honestly, she looks a bit familiar, so you ask her if she’s from here, and she says she was born and raised in Yakima, so it’s pretty close, but then she spent some years traveling around Europe, and even lived in France for a couple of years, so she’s been a bit of everywhere. Maybe you went to school together. The bartender then tells you both that the glass of wine she just ordered has a similar history: The grapes were grown in the Yakima and Columbia Valleys and the Wahluke slope; the wine was aged in French and American oak barrels and then blended with Merlot and Malbec before it was bottled.

Shaking off the feeling that this is all an elaborate set up to illustrate that people choose their alcohols like they choose their pets (i.e., they choose something that looks or feels like themselves, to match their own personalities), you meet another guy who reminds you a bit of that English guy who has written and starred in all those dark and dry comedies over the past decade. He’s dark, dry, witty – and maybe that’s why you aren’t the least surprised when he orders the Salish Sea Brewing Company’s Prior Porter, with its multifaceted, deep, rich brown colors and garnet highlights. When he finishes, he says, “I just come in every once in a while to save the world from beer overpopulation. It’s a real concern, a true threat.”

The fourth and final person approaches, and as she does, she confirms what you’ve known all along, that we really are what we eat (and drink): She says, “I’m like this wheat beer – light, easygoing, soft of character, a little mysterious, with sometimes a bit of a kick.” With that, you realize that all of these drinks, and all of these people, represent such a wide array of the things the world has to offer, and when it comes down to it, you don’t need to pick just one – you’re free to sample all of the diverse and interesting things in the world, people and alcohol are just two of those things. Why not come to Easy Monkey to try something new? Expand your horizons, make new friends, experience new things. We look forward to seeing you.

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Weird Holidays Are Everywhere – But Here’s One We Can Take Seriously

Can we all just agree that there are some pretty out-there so-called “holidays”? (For example, February 15th is National Hippo Day, November 13th is National Chicken Nuggets Day, and March 11th is National Napping Day!) Depending how you look at it, summertime is either one big long holiday (with the kids out of school) or is seriously lacking in significant holidays that are so plentiful during the spring, autumn, and winter months (think Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, to name just a few).

Maybe we could also all agree that there’s a saint for just about everything (Did you know, for example, that there is a patron saint of lost things, and a patron saint of patience? There’s also one of kidneys, another for yoga, and yet another just for food!) With those things said, those facts now acknowledged, you may be interested to know about a little-known day known as St. Arnold’s Day, which just happens to be coming up on July 18th.

Saints Arnold, Patron Saints of Brewers

Arnold of Metz was born around 580 A.D., became a French bishop in 612, and died in 640. Legend has it that his parishioners had to trek a long way one hot summer day in order to collect his remains and bring them back to where he was supposed to be buried in Metz. They were running low on supplies (otherwise known as beer) and prayed to Arnold to provide them what they needed (again, beer) and Arnold miraculously provided his followers enough beer to last them on their way back to Metz. It’s like the loaves and the fishes, but with beer! Have a drink in honor of St. Arnold of Metz! This St. Arnold is the one St. Arnold’s Day was intended to honor, but oddly enough, there’s more than one St. Arnold – and more than one St. Arnold who was a patron saint of beer and brewers!

Arnold (or Arnoul) of Soissons (a patron saint of brewers and hop pickers) lived about a hundred years after Arnold of Metz, described above. In 1080, Arnold of Soissons became a bishop of an abbey in Belgium, where he encouraged the peasants to drink the beer he brewed for its health benefits; as it turned out, in the process of brewing beer, the water became more pure, which halted or slowed the spread of sometimes lethal diseases, so it was literally a life-saving beverage (but today’s beers also have health benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol and increasing bone density)!

Drink to St. Arnold!

So, during these hot summer months (which, by the way, is the time of year when the most beer is consumed), think about Saint Arnold of Metz or Saint Arnold of Soissons when you’re drinking your beer. Drink to your health, remembering that sometimes, beer really is better for you than plain old boring, disease-ridden water. Drink to the saints who brewed their own beers, and promoted the consumption of the adult beverage we all love so much. Here’s to beer, brewers, and hop-pickers!