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Creative Drinkers

Beer Unlocks Your Creativity!

Who hasn’t fantasized about working with a beer in hand? It seems that alcohol has some sort of magical quality about it – a power to release creativity, allowing those consuming it to produce quality work. Artists of all kinds, regardless of their medium of expression (and even those in business), use it to unlock and harness the power of their own creativity. Alcohol allows us to relax our minds just enough to let our true talents shine.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

But wait… Isn’t alcohol a depressant? That’s what we all learned in school, right? Well, it’s true that alcohol does in fact depress certain parts of the human brain, but when you’re trying to do something creative, something artistic, or solve some sort of quandary or find solutions to problems, that’s exactly what you need. Usually, we try to block out all extraneous stimuli that might distract us from the matter at hand; when you drink, however, some of that “unwanted” stuff pops up, and while your sober inclination might be to push that to the side, you’re not as able to do that under the influence of alcohol. In creative endeavors, that’s a benefit, because it’s just those things that help you think of things just a little bit differently, and you’re able to think of solutions you hadn’t before. Your inner consciousness and imagination take flight, and you’re able to think outside the box like you hadn’t been able to before.

Alcohol-Inspired Artists

Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize winning American author Ernest Hemingway famously said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Plenty of writers have applied his advice – but it’s not just authors that benefit. Consider some of the many famous actors who have admitted to being drunk on set – Daniel Radcliffe in “Harry Potter,” Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music,” and Brad Pitt and Ed Norton in “Fight Club” – where would pop culture be without some of those classic scenes? Maybe they’re born with talent, but maybe it’s the alcohol that brings it out of them.

How many people have you heard say, “I can’t draw,” “I’m not an artist,” or something similar? Maybe it’s not a natural talent too many people possess, but there’s something to be said for those art creation classes where everyone starts with a blank canvas and a glass of wine. Somehow, a room filled with non-artists can create unique, creative personal masterpieces. Maybe they’re not van Gogh – who was known as quite the drinker in his day, by the way – but the alcohol has a calming, grounding, relaxing effect, and suddenly people are willing to try things they haven’t before.

Economically Speaking, Beer May Help

In the 1950s, businessmen (as they were called back then) would have a beer or martini – or two or three – at lunch, and the American economy was doing great. It was a prosperous time. Now, in the 2010s, you might be fired for looking sideways at the beer and wine selection at lunch, and the economy isn’t exactly doing quite as well as it was back then. Could this be a coincidence? Maybe, but you might want to make sure. Come check out our selection of locally brewed beers and ales on tap right here at Easy Monkey.

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