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Brewery In-Focus: Two Beers Brewing Company

two beers brewing

How do you feel after having two beers? It’s not enough for most to get inebriated, but it’s enough to settle in and relax. It’s a philosophy that’s at the core of Seattle’s Two Beers Brewing Company. It all started when the brewery’s founder Joel VandenBrink had an argument with a friend. Instead of letting it get more heated, the walked down to a pub to talk it out. After having a couple of beers together, the conversation got more honest and open.

When VandenBrink decided to start making his own beer, he brought in this mindset to his brewery. It’s the feeling of bonding of beer, letting down barriers, and being open with each other. Much like Big E Ales, it’s a willingness to embrace the emotional and communal impact that makes their beers so good – well, that and the fact that they taste amazing. The company recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, which adds up to a lot of these types of conversations spurred and a lot of beers.

The entire first year of the breweries existence was dedicated to perfecting their craft. Without a license yet to begin selling, VandenBrink holed himself away in his Fremont space working on getting the recipes exactly what they need to be. A year later, he emerged with the 20:20 Blonde, which he sold a keg to a local pub in Phinney Ridge. He’d end up producing 100 barrels by the end of the year. By the end of their second year, the brewery sold 470 barrels and had to move to a larger location in SoDo. With each passing year, those numbers continued to jump up higher and higher.

As a true local brewery, VandenBrink and co. are committed to using only locally sourced ingredients for their beers whenever possible. They get their hops from the Yakima valley and even print their labels from a printer down the road from their headquarters. It’s little touches like that which make Two Beers such a special company.

At Easy Monkey, we currently keep two of Two Beers’ beers on tap (try saying that 10 times fast). There’s the sweet and mild Pilchuck Pilsner, a wonderfully refreshing beer for keeping the conversations spirited and easy going. Then there’s the SoDo Brown, a decadent American Brown Ale that features seven different grains and one type of hop. The rich notes of chocolate, toffee, and sun dried raisins make it a great brew to warm up with as the weather turns colder. Either one is great for sparking those honest conversations. Ready to find out what Two Beers is all about? Stop on into the Monkey and try one for yourself.

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Brewery In-Focus: Big E Ales

Big E Ales

If we can get sentimental here for a second, beer can often bring people together. Whether it’s sharing your first beer with your parents or catching up with some old friends you haven’t seen in a long time over a pint, beer can help be a common denominator in certain moments to bring people together. It’s an idea that Lynwood’s Big E Ales understands intimately, making community one of the core values of the company.

Founded in 1997, Big E Ales has started with a mission on bringing people together. It’s something they’ve carried on consistently over the years, making it a tenant of their own brewpub when it opened in 2005. Getting people from different worlds and viewpoints together over beer isn’t just aspirational, it’s something they accomplish with each new brew. Who wouldn’t bond over their delicious golden ales and IPAs?

A huge part of this has to do with the brewery’s intensive brewing process. They really don’t mess around. They make the “micro” in “micro brewery” seem trivial with the tools they’re using at their disposal. This is pure craft. As they outline on their website in extensive detail, they walk through every step from pouring the malted barley and creating the mash all the way through filtering, carbonating, and canning. It’s not about keeping secrets on how they get their beer to taste so good, it’s about showing you how every pint or bottle you drink is going through a massive process to make sure it’s the best it can be. If that doesn’t make you fall in love with this brewery, then what else can?

Easy Monkey is proud to carry Big E Ales on tap. Currently we’re hosting their scotch and blackberry ales in our taproom, giving you a great sampling of some of what Big E Ales does best. As festive or seasonal as the name may sound, the blackberry ale is actually a year round favorite. Just taking a look at that ruby complexion when it’s poured into your glass and try not to drool. Then when you take a sip and catch those notes of chocolate and the smooth sensation as you take a gulp, drooling may then become uncontrollable. The scotch ale as well exudes their brilliant brewing process. Made by letting the brew boil longer than usual, this beer comes with strong caramel and roasted malt flavor. It’s a tantalizing experience that’s unique to Big E Ales.

Okay, now we’re making ourselves thirsty for some of these beers ourselves. Feeling the urge to try one too? Stop on in to Easy Monkey Taphouse and we’ll pour you a glass. Bring some friends too and celebrate the spirit of community that Big E puts into all of their beers.

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Seasonal Roundup: Summer Beers You Need to Try

Not everyone’s ideal summer beverage is a vibrant cocktail. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With every new season comes new seasonal beers, giving you a chance to expand your palette and see some of the bold work your favorite local breweries are dreaming up. From IPAs to Pilsners, there’s a perfect summer beer out there for you and we’ll help you find it.

Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale

If you grew up in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a good chance at least some part of your childhood involved going outside and picking blackberries right off the bush. The flavor can carry strong sensory memories and you might just find some of them rushing back when you take a sip of Big E Ales’ Blackberry Ale. Big E finds the perfect balance that keeps this ale from being too sweet like some berry ales can be, leaning into the malt flavors and feeling smooth and refreshing. You’ll get hints of chocolate malt in the mix as well, adding to the nostalgia of this great summer brew.

Two Beers Brewing Company’s Pilchuk Pilsner

Lighter beers can be great for easing in new beer fans, but they’re also great for a summer drink that won’t slow you down. Two Beers’ Pilchuk Pilsner is a great option for a lighter beer that you can sip on during a summer evening without the weightiness of a darker beer like a stout. The Pilchuk has notes that are both sweet and spicy, much like a Seattle summer.

Georgetown Brewing Company’s Lucille IPA

The Lucille IPA hits all the marks of a perfect summer IPA. Both floral and citrus flavors burst out of this strong brew. At 7% abv, it definitely packs a punch. This is a great end of a day beer, cooling off at sunset after a sweltering day outdoors. The Lucille is a favorite for locals and it’s no wonder why. Grab a pint of this with your friends and reminisce about your favorite summer memories and what you’re going to do for the rest of the season.

Seattle Ciders

Maybe you don’t like cocktails or beer. That’s okay! There’s another great summer options for you: cider. Seattle Cider Company has been creating some light, refreshing drinks that will perfectly fit your summer mood. The first cidery since prohibition times, Seattle Cider Company puts immense care and craftsmanship in every batch. The sweet apple flavor will tantalize your tastebuds, light enough to keep you cool on a hot day.

Summer’s going to be over before we know it – make sure you get in these summery drinks now before fall sweeps in. You can find these all right here at Easy Monkey Taphouse. Stop on in today and we’ll pour you a pint of your perfect summer beer.

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No More Coffee Shops: Doing Your Work and Meetings at the Bar

If you work remotely or are constantly looking for public places to hold meetings, you’ve probably spent way too many hours in a Starbucks or another coffee shop. Look, we like coffee just as much as anyone else – we are in the Northwest, after all – but why not mix it up? Taphouses like Easy Monkey can be a great place to work. How, you say? Let’s break it down.

Better Focus Space

One of the best things about bars is that they can, to a degree, be what you them to be. Looking to have a good time with friends and be merry? Perfect! Come on through and have a great time. Need to be left alone in the corner? Hey, no problem. Bars and taphouses afford you the space you need.

With the smooth indie folk cooing out of the speakers at a coffee shop, you might think it’d be a more relaxed environment but in actuality many coffee spots can be unexpectedly wild. People are constantly coming in and out through the doors, loudly ordering their coffee, and switching between tables. While few people do linger at coffee shops, you’re going to get a higher volume of people coming in and out, which can be bothersome with the added blare of the espresso machine. Bars aren’t as on-the-go as coffee houses.

When you step in those doors, you’re committing to staying awhile. It’s slower paced, allowing you to get settled in with minimum distractions. You can grab a beer, find your spot, and get settled in without worrying about someone rushing through the door to get their macchiato. As an added bonus, you’re likely going to have less people to fight for the outlets with – perhaps maybe one of the most contentious parts of working at a coffee shop.

Better Ambiance for Meetings

If you’re meeting with a potential client or a coworker, a bar can be the ideal setting. There’s many of the reasons that crossover with why you work their alone – better space to focus and less foot traffic – but it can add an extra little panache to your meeting. The ambiance of the bar can be much more comfortable, feeling more relaxed and laid back. Having everybody put at ease makes more better dialogue, which makes for better meetings.

If you’re trying to woo over a new customer, why not make them feel at home? Hanging out with a beer just feels communal whereas coffee is much more businesslike. Build a bond. Grab some snacks, hang out for a bit. When they’re at ease, you’ll be at ease, and you can make some real magic happen.

Better Drinks

Like we said at the beginning, we love coffee too, but it’s really hard to top a great beer. Whether you’re in the mood for something bright like a pilsner or heavy and warming like a stout, you have plenty of variety to choose from at a bar. Now obviously you want to be careful not to drink too much if you’re trying to get work done, but sipping on a couple beers over a couple hours while you bust through some spreadsheets and emails can be just as innocuous as sipping a drip coffee (plus you won’t get as jittery from that caffeine boost).

Ready to make the change from your neighborhood coffee shop to your neighborhood bar while you work remotely? Easy Monkey Taphouse is ready to take you in. Stop on by and try some of our local craft brews. Our outlets are open, high tables ready, and beers flowing and cocktails ready. Come on by today.

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Yes, There are Benefits to Drinking Wine!

When people are looking to make healthy lifestyle choices, they’ll often take up a hobby like running or start eating more fruits and vegetables. Those are all great and worthwhile pursuits, but have you tried just pouring yourself a glass of wine? Yes, you heard that right. Along with  being delicious and being a great way to unwind at the end of the day, wine actually has benefits for your health. Obviously, this is all within moderation – drinking a whole bottle is just going to give you the worst hangover of your life. Let’s take a look a closer look at the benefits of adding a glass of wine into your routine.

Wine Helps Your Heart

Want to reduce your risk of heart disease or a heart attack? A glass of red wine can help. Researchers have noticed that people who tread lightly with the routine glass of wine have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The phenols in wine help push out bad cholesterol, clearing up your arteries and preventing them from becoming damaged. Thanks Merlot!  

Wine Helps Your Brain

While the research is still coming in, there’s been evidence pointing to wine helping prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Without getting too technical, the prevailing theory is that the metabolites wine leaves behind in your body can help protect dying brain cells. With just a glass of wine, you can help keep your brain sharp. Why not stimulate your mind even more by drinking a glass while listening to some great blues music or while reading a book?

Wine Helps Your Bones

Wine isn’t like a protein shake that’s gonna buff you up, but it can add more strength to your bones! Studies have continually found that wine helps decrease bone loss. This is especially great for older wine drinkers who are more at risk of brittle bones and is especially great for women baby boomers. Your mom always told you to drink milk to strengthen your bones. Now doctors are saying wine can do the same for you. Growing up isn’t so bad, is it?

Ready to drink up for your health? Easy Monkey Taphouse has a great selection of Sozo wines. Not only will you be doing some good for yourself, but each glass of Sozo wine sends funds toward helping feed and educate people in need. Grab a glass, kick back, and let the benefits of your drink sink in. No doctor’s note required.