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Beer: What a Way to Experience the World

Many people enjoy traveling to experience the world and so many of the different things in unique locations, but how do you really get to experience the reality of any culture? You could argue that one of the things people take most seriously is their food (and drink). Consider traditional American culture, for example – it’s almost cliché to say “American as apple pie” – which says something about America, doesn’t it? On a typical Sunday in the U.S., you might find any number of individuals at restaurants and bars enjoying a meal and a beer while watching football on the in-house TV, and again, that says something. As Americans, we enjoy our food and drink (some might say especially our drink).

Beer in Pop Culture and Media

On TV and in movies, Americans drink a lot of beer, from small production craft and home brews to those created in huge factories. We drink everything from stouts and lagers to pilsners and hefeweizens. Beers and ales vary around the world, many types of which we are fortunate enough to get to experience right here at Easy Monkey.

  • Chinese beers tend toward the nutty and hoppy pilsner style. If you want to try something like that, give Two Beers’ Pilchuck Pilsner a whirl; it’s got Saaz and Perle hops, plus a lightly sweet aroma and a touch of spiciness.
  • Want to experience Ireland? Try one of our dry, bittersweet stouts, like Two Beers’ Tipsy Toboggan, with its dark color and toasty flavor with hints of chocolate, orange, date, and plum; it pairs perfectly with cold winter evenings.
  • English ales are traditionally served warm and are carbonated naturally. Want to give this type a go? Try Hellbent’s Hop & Oats – Along with the usual malted barley, it’s brewed with oats to bring out the floral and citrus characteristics of the three types of hops (Mosaic, Simcoe, and Cascade) that are added during the fermentation process.
  • Peruvian and Mexican citizens enjoy cervezas – but what’s the difference between a “beer” and a “cerveza”? Generally speaking, they’re just two different words that mean basically the same thing, but cervezas made in Peru and Mexico (among other places) are light, crisp, and refreshing. If you’re in the mood for something like that, try Dirty Bucket’s Dirty Blonde, a refreshing golden ale that is light, smooth, and refreshing – perfect for spring and summer weather!

Visitors Wish They Could Find a Place Like Easy Monkey!

Visitors to Seattle’s Easy Monkey Taphouse can experience so many typical American beers (not to mention food), and in doing so, they’ll also be treated to a bit of American culture. Easy Monkey is one of those places that visitors and tourists wish they could find – it has a little bit of everything, with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, great service.

So whether you want to experience Seattle’s twists on beers from different parts of the world or just taste great locally brewed beers, come on it, check out the variety of on-tap beers available here with a group of friends! We look forward to seeing you again and again.

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