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Why Do Most Bars Offer Happy Hours?

Happy hours are becoming very common among bars, restaurants and tap houses. After a dip in the economy over the past decade, reverting back to happy hours was the best way for places to increase foot traffic. So, what is happy hour? A happy hour is a certain time frame, typically in the afternoon and post-work hours (i.e. Wednesday-Friday from 4-6 PM), where an establishment will have drink and food specials for patrons to indulge in. Some are truly 1-hour long, while others may last for a couple of hours – it varies. Customers love it because it gives them something to look forward to at the end of the day and they feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck. Happy hour tends to create a stress-free option for the stressed out individual, and that’s something just about anyone can appreciate (especially here at Easy Monkey Taphouse!).

A 2018 Nielsen report found that on average, U.S. bars and restaurants generate 61.5% of their weekly alcohol sales during happy hour 1. Additionally, this report suggested that Wednesdays are customers’ most favored weekday to participate in happy hour, with an average of 23.9% higher sales than Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday 1. No better way to get over that mid-week slump! This is the best time for establishments to place their premier drinks and foods on special, as opposed to relying on a higher return on investment from lower-priced options.

It’s reasonably assumed by business owners that millennials are a great force behind the revival of the happy hour trend. 59% of millennials claim that cost outweighs any other factor in making up their minds about a drinking destination 2. Thus, they are the ones pushing bars, restaurants, and tap houses to offer the best, most competitive happy hour specials and atmosphere for post-work hangs.

We’d love for you to join us at Easy Monkey Taphouse for our happy hour specials, offered Wednesday through Friday from 4-6 PM. Treat yourself to our ciders, local beers and wine, and scrumptious food menu and just “Take it eeeeeasy, monkey!”

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